When you primarily sell products to top-level security minded folks, rarely are the specifications second-rate. We sell to the U.S. Military, Special Operations Command, Department of Defense and the CIA. Talk about some picky customers!

MealSeals are extruded from very specific, translucent films. Not like paper label stock that will absorb moisture and weaken over time. The film itself is made more tamper-resistant by a special zippered edge treatment. And for the food safety industry, the MealSeal cut edge design allows for maximum security, but yet provides for maximum durability during jostling delivery treatment.

The MealSeal cut has little straight edges in the 5” strips that make it a very effective and difficult seal to break…so there won’t be seals accidentally popping off.

The adhesive we coat with has been tweaked to meet today’s changing packaging standards. The security seal often has to be matched with the package. (More on this in the recommendations section.) The welding properties of our adhesive is second to none. Once the pressure sensitive seal is in place, that seal is not going to come off without a major fight if placed right. And most likely not in one piece.

All our surfaces are treated to accept ball point inks. Feel free to sign your name over the MealSeal for a more personal touch.

Truly sealing a package takes a little bit of training. We strongly recommend you watch our recommendations videos prior to using.