There are definitely similarities between law enforcement’s “Evidence” bags and your food delivery containers.

In all situations, at a minimum, Meal Seals will recommend a deterrent to tampering, and in most cases an obvious indication that a breech has occurred. We still believe that most delivery drivers are good.

Meal Seals are a pressure sensitive solution. That means for them to work, you need to apply pressure to make sure they stick. With no air bubble gaps.

Outside Delivery Packages

Brown or white paper Kraft bags are king. They are sturdy, economical, biodegradable and they tend to breathe…allowing steam to pass without the food getting soggy. It’s OK to allow some vents or openings in the bag. That lets the steam to vent. You want to deter tampering, so you need to make sure the “vents” you leave are not wide enough to allow for a small hand to slip inside.

Handle bags are a bit more expensive but are preferred when you consider the delivery method. We recommend the vertical method with a handle bag. Usually when you hand a bag or two to a delivery driver, you want to consider how they will carry it to their car. They usually want to grab it and go. Handles make it easier. Depending on the dimensions of the handle bag, you may get by with one (vertical) Meal Seal in the middle. Check to see if you can slip a hand in the bag on either side by pulling the bag apart.

If that doesn’t work, instead try two Meal Seals vertically on either side of the handles. Test it to insure that a small hand can’t slip in the middle vent. Again, remember, vents can be good. You want to keep them as small as possible.

If all else fails, you may need three Meal Seals. Your choice.

If your Kraft paper bag has no handles…one way is to fold the top of the bag over and place one, two or three Meal Seals horizontally across the folded edge. Possible problem is the alignment issue, and making sure you put the Meal Seal in the middle between the top and the body of the bag. If not folded firmly, the spring in the Kraft paper may want to pull the opening apart, especially if not handled carefully. This may cause the seal to fail. Just a word of caution. You cannot assume that each bag will be handled carefully once it leaves your operation.

You may try one or more seals vertically as well. We would recommend the Meal Seal cut and place the straight edge (not the fragile zippered edge) over the flap edge.

Plastic Handle Bags

Sure they are cheap, but they are difficult to secure from tampering and they are not especially good for the environment. They also tend to trap moisture and make your food soggy.

But there are ways to seal them from tampering with a Meal Seal.

The best way to seal them is using the Reveal seal with the Meal Seal edge design. Tie the two handles with a simple overhand knot (like the first knot that you use in tying a shoe.) Then, place the 5” strip centered over the knot. Make sure you then press firmly to make sure the seal comes in full contact with the bag. Our Zipr-Weld is not recommended…it is just too fragile. The advantage is only one seal is necessary 🙂 !!!

Individual Food Containers

Don’t choose to seal the outer package? Generally, Meal Seals should stick to all Styrofoam and plastic containers. Containers with a ribbed or textured surface may cause a challenge. The ideal is to make sure you have a flat surface to allow the adhesive to stick to. Usually that can be accomplished by using a bit longer tape or seal. Play with it to see what works best. Vertically or horizontally. Again, you don’t need to seal up all the possible openings or vents, just enough to be a deterrent.

One thing to realize, the Reveal tape is sometimes better and more durable from “accidental tampering” due to rough handling than Zipr-Weld. Try both types to see what works for you.

Other Products in Delivery Security

We will be adding more products to our line. Once they have been fully vetted, we will make them available to you. Looks like there are some interesting options! Please check back often.